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"iLL ALL OVER"(iLL $HIT) is a brand that was created to represent individuals who express themselves by doing what they love. No matter if its music,fashion,photography,an office job..etc, "WE" are on a mission to MAKE $HIT HAPPEN !!


"I would have to say my style is a mix of the boom bap era of the 90's an a little soul and trap"   

-Maxx Coolery


Coming out of the "757" area of Virginia, 19 year old artist, Brenya Gallop, also known as "Maxx Coolery" is what you would consider the unique soul child.  With the up and coming realease of his mixtape "Coolery" Maxx is determined to change the way we look at "trap" music. 


1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 teapoon olive oil


Brown Sugar: Great exfoliator. Gets rid of excess dead skin. Deep cleanses skin pores. Prevents further breakouts. Removes blackheads and white heads. A natural humectant which absorbs moisture from the surrounding and moisturizes skin. Removes excess sebum in skin pores.

Olive Oil: Natural skin moisturizer. Rich in vitamin E and healthy fat, olive oil lubricates and hydrates dry withered skin back into life. Does not clog pores. Prevents further breakouts




As some may know i celebrated my birthday not too long ago. 

When it came down to figuring out the look i wanted to go for i was very unsure at first. 

I didnt want to do "too much" and i didnt want it to be too plain. 

Though my original plans didnt fall through for my birthday outfit i believe the outfit in which i ended up in was PERFECT !

Life is a book with many chapters . As you are the only person who can live your life you are also the only person who decides when a chapter is finished and begun. Today being not only my 21st birthday, today is also the day I close one chapter and open another . 20 was an experience that got me to where I am today but I wouldn't say it was the greatest . I was tested, I was pushed out of my comfort zone and so much more . But I still regret nothing . I rarely regret because I have grown to understand that what happens in one life is what is suppose to happen .

MEET TIANNA BLANCOO Tianna Blancoo is a 24 Year Old Atlanta based Makeup Artist. She’s from Brooklyn, NY But recently resided to Atlanta, GA. She travels frequently to NY to visit her clients and family. Her passion for makeup started her last year in College while working at a cosmetic store in Brooklyn, NY called Kiko. While working there, not only has she learned makeup tips and tricks but as well as Skin care. Working at Kiko Cosmetics, She then realized how much she loved the art of beauty. This was the start of something Great. 

Hello, healthy people! My name is De’ja Armstrong, a certified group fitness instructor, nature lover, and yoga junkie! I became a certified fitness instructor the summer of my freshman year at North Carolina Central University. The best decision I have ever made! I teach a variety of classes but my yoga class is the most popular! I have been teaching yoga for almost a year and a half now, and my love for yoga and my student’s blossom more each day. 

Sha'meire Jackson, also known by his stage name "$wank" is a 21 year old rapper changing the game with his sedative flow and intriguing word play. With the up and coming release of his mixtape "In Due Time", Sha'meire has made it known that he is next up. With songs like, "$uace", and "July 20th 1994", the talent in which Sha'meire has is evidently special. 

When I think of vintage I think of timelessness. Though it comes from a different time era vintage still plays a huge roll in today’s fashion. As I often like to spend my time scrolling through Instagram, I one day came across a college friend by the name of Alexandria Glenn who recently started “Capo vintage”. 


Staying fit isn't always the easiest but i believe everyone can spare at least 20 minutes a day ! 
Lately i have been seeing nothing but fit bit's on everyone's wrist, so why not help out all my fit bit people with a easy 20 minute workout routine! 
Don't ever feel like its too late to get back in shape!  


Warm up for 3 minutes with some easy running or by jogging in place. Then complete 3 rounds of this HIIT circuit, which includes bodyweight moves. Finish by doing a 2-minute cool down routine—dynamic stretches or easy yoga moves are great.