As some may know i celebrated my birthday not too long ago. 

When it came down to figuring out the look i wanted to go for i was very unsure at first. 

I didnt want to do "too much" and i didnt want it to be too plain. 

Though my original plans didnt fall through for my birthday outfit i believe the outfit in which i ended up in was PERFECT !

I call this outfit, "Modern Gaspy". 

Many people kept telling me i gave them a great gaspy vibe so thats where my outift name comes from. 

My dress was very simple but cut very clsssy yet still sexy. 

Knowing that my dress was simple i knew that i had to have a shoe that made the dress stand out more. 

I decided to go with a simple white and black pointed toe heel. 

Though white and black are safe colors the shoe did exactly what i needed it to do. 

Not only adding flavor to my outfit it added classiness as well.  




Many people who know me, know that i am a very simple person. 

That being said, when it comes to jewlery i never go overboard no matter the occasion. 

As you can see, i topped off my outfit with a velvet Choker, diamond bracelett, as well as a diamond necklace. 

I dont usually wear diamonds but it was my 21st birthday so why not ! 

Though most expected a very extravagant expensive outift i kept it simple while still making a statement

and to top it off it was very AFFORDABLE ! 

You dont always have to spend a lot to look nice.  


Dress: Nasty Gal 

Shoes: Steve Madden 

Jewlery: Velvet Choker = H&M 




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