"I would have to say my style is a mix of the boom bap era of the 90's an a little soul and trap"   

-Maxx Coolery


Coming out of the "757" area of Virginia, 19 year old artist, Brenya Gallop, also known as "Maxx Coolery" is what you would consider the unique soul child.  With the up and coming realease of his mixtape "Coolery" Maxx is determined to change the way we look at "trap" music. 


"I love music, music is my life and my passion. Ive been rapping since the second grade and i see myself as being one of the greats coming up. When i first came to college I had made a name for myself rapping an since then ive been trying to better myself everyday. I want to make music that stays with my listeners forever, i want to make music that resonates throughout the soul and could be considered a instant classic. I want to be able to connect to whoevers listening and relate to them so much with my music, that it becomes more than just listening to music, it becomes a lifestyle. To be able to sit down and create a song, and just know that you have a support system behind you and a fanbase no matter the size thats supporting you is an amazing feeling. I havent put out a lot yet, but whats in store is for every one whos been with me since the start."  


To listen to Maxx Coolery's music and to watch videos click links below !!

Wave gods -

Who am i -

Who am i (Unofficial video) -


This man is literally one of the do pest upcoming artist on the scene. He never ceases to amaze me & his mind is brilliant. He's not a one hit wonder , he's always got something up his sleeve. He has such a wide range of style he can do anything . The best part is ... He just so happens to be Bae lol. Listen to his music , you won't regret it. You'll be seeing his face on tv soon , hearing him on the radio , & buying tickets for his shows. Stay tuned!

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