When I think of vintage I think of timelessness. Though it comes from a different time era vintage still plays a huge roll in today’s fashion. As I often like to spend my time scrolling through Instagram, I one day came across a college friend by the name of Alexandria Glenn who recently started “Capo vintage”. 


“My junior year I started Capo trilogy where I bleached clothes and reconstructed them and after bleaching went out of style I took a small break. I then graduated in May with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications. After receiving my degree, I interned at Duke prior to graduation but I had no idea what to do with all the free time. So I created Capo vintage. Capo Vintage is a collection of reconstructed items sold at an affordable price. I did not have a location just a bunch of clothes and a dream. I then used what I had and had my first and second pop up shop downtown at dirty Durham studios. Because I didn't have a website or a store space I put together these pop up shop showcases to give myself and other local vendors and performers a chance to sale their items and expose their brand. I also held a clothes drive where I gave away clothes to students at Durham school of the arts. Giving the community an opportunity to grow and sale as well as chase their dreams was something I really wanted to do. In the future. I would like to be able to save up enough money to obtain my own venue by the time I am 25 or sooner! Overall, my advice to everyone is to chase your dreams and never let anyone talk you out of doing what u love to do. If you do what you love to do then you will never work a day in your life!” 

Instagram: capovintage_

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